I came across something interesting lately while playing with the WSO2 ESB cache mediator. Since this would be a very common scenario I thought of writing about it. Following is a small description of the problem and the solution.

When a browser sends a request for a certain resource the…

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Continuous integration and continuous deployments have become a popular DevOps approach for increasing the efficiency of the software development lifecycle. Using Maven for builds, releases, and deployments is the most predominant CI/CD approach for WSO2 integration artifacts. …

Organizations who already own Identity and Access Management solutions would want to keep it and use it as a third party key manager integrated with WSO2 API Manager to handle clients, security and Oauth tokens. API Store communicates with the Key Manager to create/manage Oauth applications/clients, generate Oauth tokens and…

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This post describes how a proxy service deployed in WSO2 ESB can be invoked using a SMS message sent from a SMSC.

Following steps will guide you through this process.

1) Please use the following SMS transport receiver in the <ESB_HOME>/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml to enable SMS receiving in the ESB.

<transportReceiver name="sms"…

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